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About Us

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At VeRFID we recognize that animals of all kinds play an important role in our lives. We also recognize that certain tasks with an animal such as traveling, gaining access to an establishment, or moving into a new residence can require information like animal traits, proof of vaccination, training records, healthcare provider notes, etc. We agree, the process of animal verification can be cumbersome and confusing at times. Even for the businesses asking for this information it can be tedious, timely, and difficult to review. With this in mind we provide a streamlined solution to the verification process.     

It’s simple- you provide the information, and we provide reliable verification that businesses can trust. We’ll provide direct verification online and a personalized, secure RFID tag that can be scanned utilizing our VeRFID mobile application. 

For Animal Owners


As an animal owner, here’s how VeRFID simplifies the process: 

Search animal access requirements. 

  •  No more exhausting web searches, contacting a business, or arriving at the door only to be turned away. 
  •  Animal access requirements, for businesses with a VeRFID account, are easy to find and easy to understand on our mobile application.

Scan ahead of time.

  • No surprises at the door, and no ‘wondering’ if criteria is met. 
  • Find out ahead of time, using our iOS and Android compatible mobile app, if your animal meets the requirements. If you’re missing something, the mobile app will let you know.

Submit information to one location.

  • Stop submitting the same information time after time, and stop carrying around stacks of papers. 
  • Submit information electronically on the VeRFID website, and gain access to businesses with a VeRFID account using only the VeRFID tag. (respective business requirements must be met)

Choose what contact information your account displays.

  • No more posting signs and search parties for your lost pet. 
  • The VeRFID tag can be scanned by anyone that has downloaded our free mobile app. A quick scan can reveal your name, phone number, and email address if you choose.

Receive rabies vaccination reminders.

  • No more forgetting a legally required vaccination. 
  • With friendly reminders based on your state’s law, we’ll help to keep your animal rabies free. 

What information does VeRFID collect? 

  • Animal Information (Name, type, breed, weight, age, photograph, etc.) 
  • Vaccination Records 
  • Veterinary Notes and Health Certificates 
  • Special Considerations (Animal allergies, medications, etc.) 
  • Training Records and Certifications 
  • Behavior and Training Liability Forms 
  • Owner Information (Name, contact information, etc.) 
  • Health Care Provider Notes (for owners with Emotional Support Animals) 

A VeRFID customer account is recommended for pets, emotional support animals, comfort animals, service animals, assistance animals, and their owners. 

Please contact with any questions.

Sample Health Care Provider Note verification. VeRFID has the expertise and puts in the time!

For Businesses


As a business owner, here's how VeRFID simplifies the process:

Save time, money, and hassle.

  • No more relying on your employees to learn the intricacies of verification, and no more spending countless hours scouring through animal related documents. 
  • Let VeRFID do the leg work for you. Our verification specialists are trained on what to look for in submitted documentation.

Tailored to your business.

  • You choose the requirements that best fit your business, and set them using the VeRFID website. 

Reliable verification. 

  • No more guessing games or 'taking a customer's word for it'. 
  • Scan the VeRFID Tag and receive immediate objective feedback whether your established requirements have been met. 

No investing in expensive, special equipment.

  • Download our free mobile app using a compatible iOS or Android device. Use the mobile app to scan the VeRFID tag.

Improved customer satisfaction and business productivity. 

  • Allow the customer more time exploring your business options, and less time doing paperwork at the door.  

Receive valuable data on what animals are coming through your door. 

  • How many? What type? What percentage are meeting your established requirements?

What requirements does VeRFID let you set?

  • Animal Type
  • Breed limitations 
  • Weight limitations 
  • Age limitations 
  • Spay or neuter requirements 
  • Length of ownership requirements 
  • Vaccination requirements (Rabies, Bordetella, etc.) 
  • Veterinary Health Certificates
  • Health Care Provider note for Emotional Support Animal Owners 
  • Behavior and training liability forms

Not sure what requirements are best for your business?

Our company support team is standing by to provide guidance. 

Decide to change your animal access requirements? 

No worries, we understand that animal access is an evolving topic. Simply log into your business account and choose what requirements best fit your business. 

Want to add a custom form or personalized requirements? 

Not a problem, our company support team is happy to help accommodate your business needs.

A VeRFID business account is recommend for leasing agencies, stores, public transportation, hotels, schools, animal day cares, hospitals, and much more. If your business encounters animals, you can benefit from VeRFID Services. 

Please contact with any question